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A Company Who’s Competitive Advantage is Technology Strategy

From Engadget: 

This interview with InterDigital’s Bill Merritt on patents and developing standards development spends a significant amount of time on the charges that InterDigital is a patent trolls and has unfair royalty practices.

However, reading Mr. Merrit also summarizes the immense competitive advantage InterDigital captures from their technology strategy.

Technologies that we expect to see in the marketplace in four to five years – that’s how far ahead of the curve we often work.

….I think direct concern over immediate products in the market would possibly detract from our focus on absolute leading-edge technologies. Our eye, and our research budget, is always on what the wireless world will need and move towards in the future… not what it would be willing to buy at a specific price point today. So, in a sense, not having products is beneficial for us in our work on pioneering technologies, especially within standards. It might give us a perspective that other standards participants, all of whom are seeking market advantage, don’t have.

…we’re continuing to add to our patent portfolio… From a business perspective, it’s essential…and as a public company we’re focused on growing our value. One of the ways we’re seeking to do this is through patent portfolio…it’s how we expect to draw the maximum value from our strong engineering team.

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