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Audi Announces $30 Billion Investment In Innovation and More

Audi announced they’re going to drop around €22 billion — $30 billion in U.S. currency — between 2014 and 2018 “into new models, innovations and the continuous expansion of the worldwide production network.”   Seventy percent of the investments is intended for new models and technologies.

This is a massive investment and bucks the trend seen in other industries (including US food and beverages).  It may also be a reaction to Audi’s perceived R&D weakness within the Volkswagen group as highlighted in this Reuters article.  After many years of innovation leadership, Audi has lost much of their key talent.  While their competitors BWM and Mercedes launch breakthrough new products (the i-Series and CLA and GLA ranges of sporty compact models respectively) Audi appears saddled with dated technologies relying on compelling design to maintain their share and continue growth.

Article via AudiWorld


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