The New American System – American Innovation to Help Us Break Out of This Economic Rut


Jim Manzi is the founder and chairman of Applied Predictive Technologies, and one of the originators of cloud computing. He is also a well-known libertarian/conservative thinker, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and a contributing editor to the National Review. Between his tech background and his politics, he’s about the last person you’d expect […]

Innovation Library Management Best Practices

Consider the following tips when planning and using your innovation library management tool: Take full advantage of the ability to describe the many aspects, or categories, of an innovation (ex. idea, intellectual property, prototype, consumer test, etc.) Organizing innovations with these attributes helps differentiate content and allows users greater flexibility when searching for solutions. Utilize […]

Three Things You Need From Three Categories of Innovation Management Software


As innovation activities in business have increased, so has the number and variety of applications for innovation management.  What types of tools are available and what features do you need.

Crowd Sourced Patent Attacks by Deep Pocketed Startups Create New Challenges to Patent Holders

Deep-pocketed startups have found a new way to challenge patents they are infringing.  Supported by organizations who oppose the concept of intellectual property rights, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).  Instead of innovating new technologies or negotiating licensing agreements, some startups are using the concepts of crowd sourcing to attack issued IP.  Websites such […]

Freelancers Union Tackling Concerns of Independent Workers

The New York Times profiles the Freelancer’s Union, one of the nation’s fastest-growing labor organizations, with more than 200,000 members.  The Freelancer’s Union provides important services to contract employees, freelancers and self-employed. Most importantly, the Union offers healthcare services to members who otherwise would not have access.  The union’s founder, Sara Horowitz formed the Union in […]

Staying Organized While Your Innovating


Some people are naturally organized, and innovation teams need to keep themselves organized in order to leverage what they already know, use the knowledge of past-employees, make sure they are not repeating work, and to repurpose their innovation inventory of ideas/concepts. At Knowledge Management for Architects (note it’s a brand-new blog so it’s kinda sparse) […]

Knowledge Management, File Management and Archiving for Innovation


From InnoAnaltyics comes this article that touches on the advantage of knowledge management, file management and archiving for architectural firms. Architectural firms seem to have many of the same file management requirement of most creative teams.  As most creative teams, either functional groups within a large business or a small or medium sized business themselves (SMB or SME), have […]

Innovation Knowledge Management for Creative Teams


Many innovation and creative teams have learned the value of light-weight, often stand-alone, knowledge management (KM) tools and software.

Making internal collaboration work: why effective knowledge management within enterprises requires replacing e-mail

From comes this interview with Don Tapscott, an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, spoke with McKinsey’s Rik Kirkland in September 2012.