The History of R&D Outsourcing

When was R&D First Outsourced? Outsourcing of R&D began on a small scale prior to the 1970s and 1980s.  There are examples of R&D outsourcing dating back as far as the 1500’s with Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, who set up a network of specific suppliers to provide the materials and skills he needed to create his […]

Three Issues R&D Leaders Face When Outsourcing

After having looked at several reasons for  outsourcing R&D projects, as well as a handful of risks of outsourcing, Newlogic now turns our attention to some of the issues outsourcing brings about that R&D need leaders. How to Make Selections For Outsourcing R&D Projects One of the things an R&D leader will be called upon to do […]

10 Portfolio Optimization Best Practices, Research Published by PDMA

Identifying Defendable and Comprehensive KPIs_150x150px

Research conducted by Newlogic and Babson College into the best practices of project portfolio selection has been published by PDMA.  Our research determined that leading innovation organization use 10 common portfolio decision criteria:    

The Six Features Needed in Your Idea Management System

Not every idea management system is equal.  Phil McKinney identifies the six features needed in your idea management system. We’ve found these are the six key features of, the leading idea management system for R&D, design and innovation. Idea Management Is Key To Your Innovation Strategy Ideas are the currency in the new creative economy therefore […]

Innovation: Stop Saying it, Start Doing it!

The Wall Street Journal created an article on May 23rd about companies, executives, and authors speaking about innovation so much that it is losing meaning. Companies today are touting “cutting edge” jobs (chief of innovation), innovation teams, and innovation days, to create something new to help the company succeed. Innovation is a word getting dangerously close to […]