General Mills Goes Digital with Open Innovation

General Mills R&D has decided that even its best marketing teams cannot keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of the actual market. As a response to this, the company has enlisted the help of its consumers through G-WIN Digital, which launched in 2007. Through the G-WIN Digital platform, General Mills receives consumer insights across […]

Trends That Will Define Innovation Management over the Next Decade

Anticipating where innovation will occur in the future is a top priority for every company in the world.  Management consulting agency Arthur D. Little has tackled this issue by creating a survey of nearly 100 Chief Technology Officers and Chief Innovation Officers to determine the trends companies are using for innovation management for the next […]

Differentiating through Innovation Strategy

​Increases in competition, both conventional and unconventional, are making it more difficult than ever for companies to stand out among the crowd and attract consumers.  One of the best ways to differentiate from the competition is through a sound innovation strategy.  In the wake of the recession, where companies were forced to improve on inefficiencies […]

Consumer Insights a Key Part of Product Development

​Understanding consumers is an important part of any business.  If a company does not understand its consumer base, the company cannot provide the proper products or services that its consumers expect.  Consumer insights play a huge role in understanding what the consumers expect from the company, yet many companies admit that they don’t have as […]

Smart Packaging Aims to Create Safer, More Intelligent Industry

Companies are starting to build certain amounts of intelligence into many products, and one of the most interesting areas into which intelligence is being added is the packaging industry. Innovations in smart packaging allow more information to be given to the consumer.  Although limited now, due to cost concerns and the lacking capability of current […]

How is Cloud Computing Affecting R&D Packaging?

​Newlogic has concluded a research project that looked into how project portfolio manager software vendors are utilizing cloud-based solutions for PPM software.  A review of 42 PPM vendors revealed that a majority are in fact offering cloud-based solutions.  Additionally, Newlogic’s research resulted in three other findings:  Cloud technology is extremely important to vendors; the market […]

Narrowing Down the Search for R&D Leaders

​Companies are always looking for talented people to head up their R&D departments.  But what characteristics should companies look for in an R&D leader? ​Dr. Al Chase, founder of White Rhino Partners, recently sat down with Newlogic’s John Cass to discuss what qualities and characteristics a leader of R&D should possess.  Dr. Chase has a […]

Intellectual Property Investment Changing Landscape of Global Innovation

World Intellectual Property Organization

The World Intellectual Property Organization released a report in Geneva on November 14 titled “The Changing Face of Innovation,” which shows how ownership of intellectual property rights has become a central element to innovation firms across the world.  According to the report, 800,000 patent applications were submitted worldwide in 1980.  That number has risen to […]

A Deeper Look at Global Innovation

A deeper look at global innovation

​Information-services provider Thomson Reuters has released its “Top 100 Global Innovators” report for 2011.  The report shows that companies that make semiconductors and other electrical components are the leading industry in global innovation based on an analysis of industry patents. Companies in the report are rated by four criteria: the proportion of patent applications granted; […]

L’Oréal Acquires Pacific Bioscience Laboratories to Drive Skin Care Innovation

L’Oréal Acquires Pacific Bioscience Laboratories to Drive Skin Care Innovation

​Cosmetics giant L’Oréal USA announced its plans to acquire Redmond, Washington-based skin care company Pacific Bioscience Laboratories.  PBL is most known for its Clairisonic line of products, which have introduced consumers to a new method of skin care using technological devices.  The Clairisonic products are currently sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, […]