Adjusting to Incremental Innovation Portfolios: Avoiding the Erosion of Company Profits and Market Position


As companies prioritize incremental innovations over new products innovation managers need to adjust their innovation portfolio management and adopt new tools

A Better Definition of Innovation:


Everywhere you look, people are talking about innovation.  The term has been tagged onto everything from the silicon chips to underarm deodorants.  How does one differentiate the real thing from marketing hyperbole, inventions or styling?

Highlighting Entrepreneurship in Boston

Babson Olin School

Babson College (my alma mater) has a feature section in the Boston Globe that highlights entrepreneurship in Boston.  Babson, and it’s MBA program, is well-known at being ranked as the top entrepreneurship college in the US. I like that the Boston Globe article describes a range of entrepreneurial activity of all kinds.  By giving visibility to entrepreneurship within existing businesses, women entrepreneurs and others […]

Four Reforms Needed For The Ways Patent Reform Will Change How You Innovate


In order to gain patent protection for their inventions, almost every US based innovation, R&D and new product development organization will be forced to adapt to the Patent Reform Act’s dramatic changes.

Innovate This, Not That! – 5 Rules for Making Decisions About Early Stage Innovations in the Fuzzy Front End


Behind each innovation, market opportunity and concept is an important early stage decisions that effects the success, or failure, of a new product introduction.

Open Innovation and Patent Reform, Big Changes are Coming


Open Innovation is already under scrutiny due to the performance of P&G (Procter and Gamble) showing that open innovation may be a failed experiment.  Two articles (from and have investigated how P&G, at one time the innovation leader, has lost it’s lead against companies that use traditional innovation methodologies (such as internal R&D […]

Design Patents: New Law Boosts Rights in Shapes and Designs

From GigaOm come this article about another change to patent law, one providing greater protection to holders of design patents. One of Apple’s key weapons in its legal battle against competitors is a special type of patent that protects the visual appearance of a product. Critics have denounced these patents as a way to own […]

The Fundamentals of Patent Reform for Innovators

On March 16, 2013 the most significant change to patent law will come into full effect.  The Lahey-Smith America Invents Act, signed into law in 2011, represents the most significant change to the U.S. patent system since 1952.  The act, commonly referred to as Patent Reform, includes two changes that will have a significant effect […]

Patent Reform Makes R&D Portfolio Management a Necessity


R&D portfolio management is a technique used by leading innovation organizations to align new product development efforts with business strategy.  The methodologies and software used for optimizing a R&D portfolio, such as the Newlogic POPS application, provide an objective analysis of each project.  Projects are evaluated against a number of metrics to assess their attractiveness […]

How Patent Reform Will Force Changes to R&D Management

Patent Reform Will Force Changes to R&D and New Product Development (NPD) Management The America Invents Act of 2011, commonly known as Patent Reform, is going to force a fundamental change to the way that US based CEOs make decisions about new products and innovation.  Planning for patent reform is an increasingly important topic for […]