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The Innovation Officer: A Proposal for Companies Where Innovation is Vital


The idea of a Chief Innovation Officer assures the ideas that come through the company have commercial value aligned with business strategy.

Nobody Has to Tell Us We’re Overworked

Frost and Sullivan conducted research on innovation organizations and published what is possibly the most obvious conclusion; The #1 pain point for product development organizations is “too much work for their resources.”

Train, apply, repeat

Reinforcing RDinsights previous exploration on the nature of creativity and innovation, Jeffrey Phillips who writes the insightful Innovate on Purpose blog asks the question: can innovation be learned, or “taught”? (spoiler alert)

18th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit

18th R&D-Product Development Metrics Summit This 18th Summit will provide participants with the best metrics for their individual companies across industries. The metrics that you need to drive R&D and Product Development productivity, output, effectiveness, and efficiency. You will also wrap your arms around the metrics that investment firms and Wall Street analysts are increasingly […]

Luxury Packaging London

Luxury Packaging London Luxury Packaging is the UK’s ONLY event for luxury brands to source the latest in products, ideas, inspiration and contacts within luxury packaging. The event provides not only inspiration and creative ideas, but also real contacts to help you make your packaging really give that WOW factor. Now in its third year, […]

Does Legislation Prevent Innovation?


Laws, legislation and regulations do much to define acceptable packaging innovations. These rules are also changing at an increasingly rapid pace. The implementation of the America Invents Act (Patent Reform) has also had a significant impact on packaging innovation. The London Packaging Innovations Conference explores how legislation is preventing innovation at it’s 2004 conference. For […]

The New American System – American Innovation to Help Us Break Out of This Economic Rut


Jim Manzi is the founder and chairman of Applied Predictive Technologies, and one of the originators of cloud computing. He is also a well-known libertarian/conservative thinker, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and a contributing editor to the National Review. Between his tech background and his politics, he’s about the last person you’d expect […]

NY Times: Silicon Valley Tries to Remake the Idea Machine


From the New York Times comes this article on Silicon Valley’s initiatives to generate the kinds of innovations that used to come from places like Bell Labs, Xerox PARC and DARPA. …the invention of much of the stuff that really created jobs and energized the economy — the Internet, the mouse, smartphones, among countless other […]

Social Networking Increases the Flexibility and Velocity of Manufacturing Businesses

Discover how manufacturers are embracing enterprise social networking and mobile technologies to increase the flexibility and velocity of their businesses. Join esteemed colleagues from Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council andApriso Corporation, part of the Dassault Systèmes group, as we discuss how Manufacturers are being pushed to respond quickly to rapidly-changing business conditions. This is due to complex global […]

New Innovation Book: Cause a Disturbance

If you can slice a melon or make a right-hand turn, you can be a breakthrough innovator. The title of this book, Cause a Disturbance, says it all, and it most assuredly will cause a disturbance in the way you think about business: your business. Everyone knows—and everyone talks about—how important innovation is in the […]