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Freelancers Union Tackling Concerns of Independent Workers

The New York Times profiles the Freelancer’s Union, one of the nation’s fastest-growing labor organizations, with more than 200,000 members.  The Freelancer’s Union provides important services to contract employees, freelancers and self-employed. Most importantly, the Union offers healthcare services to members who otherwise would not have access.  The union’s founder, Sara Horowitz formed the Union in […]

Design Patents: New Law Boosts Rights in Shapes and Designs

From GigaOm come this article about another change to patent law, one providing greater protection to holders of design patents. One of Apple’s key weapons in its legal battle against competitors is a special type of patent that protects the visual appearance of a product. Critics have denounced these patents as a way to own […]

Putting the Apple vs. Samsung Patent War in Historical Context

In some respects, Apple’s patent war against Samsung (and maybe Google at some point) evokes an 1850s free-for-all among sewing machine makers, when Isaac Singer threatened violence after Elias Howe accused him of patent violations. Put into historical perspective, the Apple vs. Samsung/Google patent war is not so different from a number of lawsuits over breakthrough […]

Questions You Should Ask on an Innovation Audit

From Innovation Excellence:   If we are going to improve innovation in our organisation then an accurate current assessment of the our creativity, agility and innovation capacity is essential. An innovation audit looks at a number of issues to see what is working well and what is impeding innovation in the company. It asks analytical questions […]

Patent Reform Makes R&D Portfolio Management a Necessity


R&D portfolio management is a technique used by leading innovation organizations to align new product development efforts with business strategy.  The methodologies and software used for optimizing a R&D portfolio, such as the Newlogic POPS application, provide an objective analysis of each project.  Projects are evaluated against a number of metrics to assess their attractiveness […]

New Patent Reform Workshops Offered for R&D Managers

Patent Reform Signature

Are you prepared for the effects of patent reform on your R&D or new product development organization? The changes contained in patent reform will put new competitive and financial pressures on R&D and new product development (NPD) operations. Maintaining your company’s defensible competitive postion and generating new intellectual property (IP) assets will likely require significant […]

A new beer-chilling system is being developed with UK Government funding

A new beer-chilling system which could save pubs almost £2,500 a year in energy and wasted drink costs is being developed with UK Government funding, it has been announced. The drinks cooling system is one of a number of technologies which have won Government backing from a £500,000 fund for schemes which will improve the […]

Smart Packaging Aims to Create Safer, More Intelligent Industry

Companies are starting to build certain amounts of intelligence into many products, and one of the most interesting areas into which intelligence is being added is the packaging industry. Innovations in smart packaging allow more information to be given to the consumer.  Although limited now, due to cost concerns and the lacking capability of current […]