4 Myths About Innovation Management Software

Found on BusinessToCommunity.com is this article about four of the hurdles innovation management software must overcome in order, not only to be purchased, but adopted by the innovation teams: 1. It Will Only Get in the Way 2. It’s Only Useful for Brand New Ideas 3. Innovation Begins and Ends with the Lightbulb, So What’s […]

Seven Tips To Purchasing Innovation Management Software So It Doesn’t Become Selfware


Purchasing Innovation Management Software So It Doesn’t Become Shelfware: Innovation management applications are notorious for becoming shelfware; software that a company buys, but nobody uses….don’t let this happen to you.

Three Things You Need From Three Categories of Innovation Management Software


As innovation activities in business have increased, so has the number and variety of applications for innovation management.  What types of tools are available and what features do you need.

Does Less Innovation Lead to More Inequality

In the New York Times’ Opinion pages come this article on the relationship between innovation and social inequality.  Written by Edmund S. Phelps, a Nobel laureate in economics.  In it, Professor Phelps proposes that the process of continuous innovation, both incremental and disruptive, laid the foundation for the broad-based prosperity of the American middle class in the postwar […]

6 Rules to Pitching Early Stage Innovations at the Fuzzy Front End


Behind each successfully new product launch there was a key presentation of an early-stage innovation where the defining go/no-go decision was made.

The top 5 things companies should know about the America Invents Act

From VentureBeat.com comes this article on the “The top 5 things companies should know about the America Invents Act”.

WSJ: Why Innovation Won’t Save Us

From the Wall Street Journal comes this article making a thoughtful case that future economic growth will achieve at best half its historic rate. The old rate allowed the American standard of living to double every 35 years; for most people in the future that doubling may take a century or more.

Amazon’s Innovation Philosophy and Process Summarized in 4 Statements

From InnovationExcellence.com comes this analysis of Amazon’s innovation philosophy and process in four steps.  Providing insights into how Amazon develops new ideas and products, and is able to consistently bring to market successful breakthrough innovations. What may have started with a question from@evanjacobs at Amazon.com’s 2011 shareholder meeting, ended with interesting commentary from Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, on their philosophy around […]

The History of R&D Outsourcing

When was R&D First Outsourced? Outsourcing of R&D began on a small scale prior to the 1970s and 1980s.  There are examples of R&D outsourcing dating back as far as the 1500’s with Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, who set up a network of specific suppliers to provide the materials and skills he needed to create his […]

Innovation as Remix: Copy, Transform, Combine; TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson

From Kirby Ferguson‘s interesting TED talk on innovation.  In this talk he describes his postion that the essence of innovation is to remix; copy, transform and combine prior works to create something new.  His talk continues to address some of Apple’s patents and how redefining innovation as remix raises questions about the fundamental nature of […]