The Innovation Officer: A Proposal for Companies Where Innovation is Vital


The idea of a Chief Innovation Officer assures the ideas that come through the company have commercial value aligned with business strategy.

Redefining Innovation to Reduce Product Costs


Too often innovation is perceived as a practice that increases the costs of goods.  Contrary to popular opinion, research and experience  demonstrates that innovation might be the most effective tool for reducing costs.

It’s The End of Innovation as We Know It


For years there has been grumbling about the demise of corporate innovation in the US. Recent announcements bring to light the extent that corporations have abandoned innovation.

The Wall Street Journal Makes a Stand Against Innovation Inflation


The Wall Street Journal came out with a article that makes public what innovators have been saying for years; innovations are much more than a product extension or upgrade.

Seven Tips To Purchasing Innovation Management Software So It Doesn’t Become Selfware


Purchasing Innovation Management Software So It Doesn’t Become Shelfware: Innovation management applications are notorious for becoming shelfware; software that a company buys, but nobody uses….don’t let this happen to you.

Adjusting to Incremental Innovation Portfolios: Avoiding the Erosion of Company Profits and Market Position


As companies prioritize incremental innovations over new products innovation managers need to adjust their innovation portfolio management and adopt new tools

Three Things You Need From Three Categories of Innovation Management Software


As innovation activities in business have increased, so has the number and variety of applications for innovation management.  What types of tools are available and what features do you need.

A Better Definition of Innovation:


Everywhere you look, people are talking about innovation.  The term has been tagged onto everything from the silicon chips to underarm deodorants.  How does one differentiate the real thing from marketing hyperbole, inventions or styling?

Video: The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun

Scott Berkum

Author and Carnegie Mellon alum Scott Berkun shows that much of what we know about innovation is wrong as he explores the history of innovation and creative thinking.

Four Reforms Needed For The Ways Patent Reform Will Change How You Innovate


In order to gain patent protection for their inventions, almost every US based innovation, R&D and new product development organization will be forced to adapt to the Patent Reform Act’s dramatic changes.