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Has P&G Proven That Open Innovation is a Failed Experiment

Stay up to date on the most recent news and conferences for innovation. Subscribe to our email updates:   Has the performance of P&G (Procter and Gambel) shown that open innovation is a failed experiment?  This week, two articles (from and have investigated how P&G, at one time the innovation leader, has lost […]

Patent Reform Will Spell the End to Open Innovation


The America Invents Act, also referred to as patent reform, will spell the end to open innovation as currently practiced, starting in March of 2013 The reforms to patent laws, found in the America Invests Act, will spell the end to open innovation and crowd-sourcing.  Patent reform’s first to file provision will change how inventors […]

How Serial Innovators Find The Best Problems To Solve

From Understanding how serial innovators use 4 methods to find the best problems to solve: Using Strategy to Identify Problems Reframe Existing Problems Work Backward from a Far-in-the-Future Vision Use Other Domains for Insight Link to Article