4 Myths About Innovation Management Software

Found on BusinessToCommunity.com is this article about four of the hurdles innovation management software must overcome in order, not only to be purchased, but adopted by the innovation teams: 1. It Will Only Get in the Way 2. It’s Only Useful for Brand New Ideas 3. Innovation Begins and Ends with the Lightbulb, So What’s […]

Seven Tips To Purchasing Innovation Management Software So It Doesn’t Become Selfware


Purchasing Innovation Management Software So It Doesn’t Become Shelfware: Innovation management applications are notorious for becoming shelfware; software that a company buys, but nobody uses….don’t let this happen to you.

Adjusting to Incremental Innovation Portfolios: Avoiding the Erosion of Company Profits and Market Position


As companies prioritize incremental innovations over new products innovation managers need to adjust their innovation portfolio management and adopt new tools

Three Things You Need From Three Categories of Innovation Management Software


As innovation activities in business have increased, so has the number and variety of applications for innovation management.  What types of tools are available and what features do you need.

Innovation Knowledge Management for Creative Teams


Many innovation and creative teams have learned the value of light-weight, often stand-alone, knowledge management (KM) tools and software.

Making internal collaboration work: why effective knowledge management within enterprises requires replacing e-mail

From McKinsey.com comes this interview with Don Tapscott, an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, spoke with McKinsey’s Rik Kirkland in September 2012.

After You’ve Been Hacked is Too Late to To Take a Hard Look at the Security of the Cloud-Based Apps Your Employees are Using

InnoEngines corporate blog provides a single simple question to help you understand how likely, or unlikely, the web-based applications your employees are to expose your company’s confidential information to hackers.

R&D Software Tools Was One of the Most Surprising Things Heard at Harvard’s Cyberposium

Of the five most surprising things heard at Harvard’s Cyberposium on Sunday, #4 was Designers Use Badly Designed Design Tools. Sadly, the hardware and interface designers whose job it is to create wonderful, well-designed products use tools that are badly designed. Asked why that was, Mariah Levitt, senior usability specialist at Continuum, didn’t mince words: “One of […]

Avoiding Innovation Mistakes Using Innovation Knowledge Management Tools


More than ever R&D and new product development (NPD) teams are spending significant amount of their time avoiding innovation mistakes.  Leading innovation knowledge management tools and software have transformed innovation knowledge management into a strategic advantage for their users. How many times have you heard the sayings “There’s nothing new in the world.” or “Everything worthwhile has already […]

New Innovation Inventorying Software Saves Global Company From Repeating Costly Projects


InnoAnalytics.com, a new kind of innovation management software, has been saving a Fortune 250 company’s innovation department from repeating costly R&D projects. InnoAnalytics.com combines the most effective elements of knowledge management software (Oracle and SAP), idea capture software (BrainBank, BrightIdea, Goldfire HypeInnovation), and cloud storage applications (Dropbox.com, drop.net, sugarsync, and SharePoint) into a powerful and […]