The Six Features Needed in Your Idea Management System

Not every idea management system is equal.  Phil McKinney identifies the six features needed in your idea management system. We’ve found these are the six key features of, the leading idea management system for R&D, design and innovation. Idea Management Is Key To Your Innovation Strategy Ideas are the currency in the new creative economy therefore […]

The Best Software for Managing Design and Innovation Ideas

In the last few years a number of new applications have been introduced to help companies, brand managers and design studios manage their ideas. The first generation of these applications, such as Imaginatik, were expensive, required time-consuming training and integration, and were only available only for enterprise customers, running on their expensive and complex IT […]

5 Reasons Designers Shouldn’t Use Dropbox,, Cloud Drive, Google Drive, SkyDrive or SugarSync

Cloud Questionmark

Cloud-based file storage services such as Dropbox,, Cloud Drive, Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync are widely used by designers, engineers and innovators. These idea management software leaders have made storage and sharing of files easier and cheaper, increasing collaboration, productivity and lowering costs. Nobody denies the clear success of these established services. However, there are […]

5 Reasons Why New Product and Packaging Development Needs Their Own Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management (KM) systems have been adopted by both large and small companies.  Enterprise KM systems include Microsoft’s SharePoint, SAP, Oracle, IBM’s ECM, Docuware, Alero Technology, and  These idea management software leaders provide companies with the advantages of centralized document storage, retrieval, management and backup. KM systems make information easier to find and access quickly, […]