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WSJ: Why Innovation Won’t Save Us

From the Wall Street Journal comes this article making a thoughtful case that future economic growth will achieve at best half its historic rate. The old rate allowed the American standard of living to double every 35 years; for most people in the future that doubling may take a century or more.

St. Louis Fed Calls for an End to the Patent System

An interesting research report from the research arm of the St. Louis Fed explores the relationship between patents and economic growth.  It’s controversial recommendations include an end to the patent system.

Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) concludes that a focus on sustainable packaging is counterproductive summarizes a new PWC study on sustainable packaging that finds that the term “sustainable packaging” is no longer relevant today as the debate about good vs. bad packaging has moved on.”

Global Packaging Survey – Market Trends, Marketing Spend & Sales Strategies

Global Packaging Survey – Market Trends, Marketing Spend & Sales Strategies The Global Packaging Survey 2012-2016 is the result of an extensive survey drawn from Canadean’s exclusive panel of leading packaging industry companies. As slow growth in the US market, lower commodity prices in Latin America, and the devaluation of the Euro in Central and Eastern Europe constrict global […]