How is Cloud Computing Affecting R&D Packaging?

​Newlogic has concluded a research project that looked into how project portfolio manager software vendors are utilizing cloud-based solutions for PPM software.  A review of 42 PPM vendors revealed that a majority are in fact offering cloud-based solutions.  Additionally, Newlogic’s research resulted in three other findings:  Cloud technology is extremely important to vendors; the market for PPM vendors targeting IT departments is mature; and R&D is an emerging market for innovation management.

​Of the 42 vendors included in the study, Newlogic found that 83% provide a cloud-based model to clients.  86% of the vendors focus on IT departments, while only 4 of the 42 target R&D professionals.

​Newlogic President Marc Drucker’s presentation “Is Packaging SaaS Innovation the Future of Packaging” will provide insights to this research and reveal what strategies packaging R&D professionals should consider when investing in areas like idea capture and project management.  The presentation will be given at the Packaging Outlook Summit which is scheduled from November 7th to 9th.

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