Nobody Has to Tell Us We’re Overworked

Frost and Sullivan conducted research on innovation organizations and published what is possibly the most obvious conclusion; The #1 pain point for product development organizations is “too much work for their resources.”

The problem with this finding, besides its incredible obviousness, is that it does not address the root cause of the problem.  Frost’s sound-bite devalues the innovation process and makes it sound like new product development teams are lazy and whiny.

The root problem that causes overworked innovation teams is far more insidious, it’s a combination of vague (or non-existent) business goals, short term compartmentalized thinking, and poor go/no-go decision making.

Achieving growth through innovation isn’t solved with a silver bullet software.  Sustainable innovation is build on the foundation of technology platforms, portfolio optimization and having a funnel stock-full of ideas ready to choose from.  Most of our clients have identified 1 of the 3 areas.  However, once they start to address one, the weaknesses of their other two tend to become overwhelmingly apparent.

A customer came to us after spending a year working on their ‘top 10′ strategic technology needs. As they began to address problems they found that their resources were begin used up inefficiently (poor portfolio management) and they never had a ‘plan B’ innovation in case their first choice didn’t work (an thin innovation funnel).

Newlogic has a comprehensive, but modular approach to improving innovation performance.  We’re not a one-size-fits-all consultancy, our leadership has the experience and track-record to help your organization reap the benefits of sustainable innovation.

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