Product Design Studios are Expanding into Tech

Berg, a leading design and innovation consultancy in the London, announced an’Internet of Things’ product called Cloudwash. Cloudwash is a prototype that connects a washing machine to the cloud via Wi-Fi. This smart appliance has the capabilities to do things like send your iPhone a push notification when a load is finished. But it doesn’t require touch screens to tap into the magic. Analog buttons on Cloudwash’s face also allow for one-touch ordering of more detergent through Amazon, too, demonstrating how smart the simplest controls can become once they’re wired to the web.

Berg often develops product prototypes for silicon valley tech companies. A company like Google or Intel would hire the studio to build some neat prototypes–things like desk lamps that transformed a work surface into a giant touch screen. And while those products wouldn’t even necessarily make it to market, they could serve as a beacon to a Google engineer, encouraging them to pursue and refine vital components of the future.


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