Resources & Best Practices

Goldense Group, Inc. [GGI]: A consulting, market research, and executive education firm concentrating in product strategy, product management, R&D, product development, product commercialization, intellectual property, and metrics for companies in the high tech and manufacturing sectors.  GGI is a Massachusetts corporation, founded by Bradford L. Goldense in 1986.

R&D Management Journal: R & D Management publishes articles which address the interests of both practising managers and academic researchers in R & D and innovation management. Covering the full range of topics in research, development, design and innovation, and related strategic and human resource issues – from exploratory science to commercial exploitation – articles also examine social, economic and environmental implications.<

RADMA Research and Development Management: Information about education and research activities in the field of research technology and innovation management including funding opportunities, an opportunity to become part of the RADMA Association, details of R&D Management Conferences, how to subscribe or publish in the journal R&D Management and links to summer schools, workshops and other events.
RADMA is focused on the needs of researchers, practitioners and students of research technology and innovation management. It is closely associated with the R&D Management journal and conferences.

VIRGO: VIRGO is an information distribution company focused on the most innovative and complex business-to-business markets that fuel the US (and world) economy. VIRGO publishes a number of R&D periodicals, for Health and Nutrition, Medical, Communications, and Business Solutions.