Innovation Library Management Best Practices

Consider the following tips when planning and using your innovation library management tool: Take full advantage of the ability to describe the many aspects, or categories, of an innovation (ex. idea, intellectual property, prototype, consumer test, etc.) Organizing innovations with these attributes helps differentiate content and allows users greater flexibility when searching for solutions. Utilize […]

4 Myths About Innovation Management Software

Found on is this article about four of the hurdles innovation management software must overcome in order, not only to be purchased, but adopted by the innovation teams: 1. It Will Only Get in the Way 2. It’s Only Useful for Brand New Ideas 3. Innovation Begins and Ends with the Lightbulb, So What’s […]

Staying Organized While Your Innovating


Some people are naturally organized, and innovation teams need to keep themselves organized in order to leverage what they already know, use the knowledge of past-employees, make sure they are not repeating work, and to repurpose their innovation inventory of ideas/concepts. At Knowledge Management for Architects (note it’s a brand-new blog so it’s kinda sparse) […]

Knowledge Management, File Management and Archiving for Innovation


From InnoAnaltyics comes this article that touches on the advantage of knowledge management, file management and archiving for architectural firms. Architectural firms seem to have many of the same file management requirement of most creative teams.  As most creative teams, either functional groups within a large business or a small or medium sized business themselves (SMB or SME), have […]

Innovation Knowledge Management for Creative Teams


Many innovation and creative teams have learned the value of light-weight, often stand-alone, knowledge management (KM) tools and software.

After You’ve Been Hacked is Too Late to To Take a Hard Look at the Security of the Cloud-Based Apps Your Employees are Using

InnoEngines corporate blog provides a single simple question to help you understand how likely, or unlikely, the web-based applications your employees are to expose your company’s confidential information to hackers.

Avoiding Innovation Mistakes Using Innovation Knowledge Management Tools


More than ever R&D and new product development (NPD) teams are spending significant amount of their time avoiding innovation mistakes.  Leading innovation knowledge management tools and software have transformed innovation knowledge management into a strategic advantage for their users. How many times have you heard the sayings “There’s nothing new in the world.” or “Everything worthwhile has already […]

Patent Reform Will Spell the End to Open Innovation


Patent reform will spell the end to open innovation, an important methodology for innovation used by some of the leading consumer goods and food and beverage companies. The America Invents Act, also referred to as patent reform, goes into effect in March of 2013.  Some of the law’s key provisions directly effect how companies can […]