The Six Features Needed in Your Idea Management System

Not every idea management system is equal.  Phil McKinney identifies the six features needed in your idea management system. We’ve found these are the six key features of, the leading idea management system for R&D, design and innovation. Idea Management Is Key To Your Innovation Strategy Ideas are the currency in the new creative economy therefore […]

Best Practice of R&D Technology Management


Although technology is a fundamental component of R&D strategy, too often companies fail to practice strategic technology management.  A core component of 3rd Gen R&D is the link business strategy to R&D technology strategy.  3rd Gen R&D was authored by Arthur D. Little (ADL), published by Harvard Business Press, and now the industry practice is […]

The Best Software for Managing Design and Innovation Ideas

In the last few years a number of new applications have been introduced to help companies, brand managers and design studios manage their ideas. The first generation of these applications, such as Imaginatik, were expensive, required time-consuming training and integration, and were only available only for enterprise customers, running on their expensive and complex IT […]

Trends That Will Define Innovation Management over the Next Decade

Anticipating where innovation will occur in the future is a top priority for every company in the world.  Management consulting agency Arthur D. Little has tackled this issue by creating a survey of nearly 100 Chief Technology Officers and Chief Innovation Officers to determine the trends companies are using for innovation management for the next […]