Are Every One of Your Ideas Owned by Your Employer?

In the New York Times, Orly Lobel provides a thoughtful consideration of the current trends in intellectual property protection.  He highlights how the America Invents Act further undermines the individual while giving corporations even greater power.  Further, he uses examples to illustrate how the courts are siding with employers to grab an even greater amount of […]

The Problem With The US Patent System

Fr0m comes this article about the problems facing the US patent system. Takeaway: Patent trolls and now tech giants have clearly been exploiting the patent system to stifle competition. if our goal is to protect and encourage innovation, we must demand more from our governments and the companies from which we buy our products.

Nathan Myrvold’s Intellectual Ventures: 1,276 shell companies, 30-60K patents

From comes this article about a little-known paper released earlier this year in Stanford Technology Law Review that reviewed the holdings of Intellectual Ventures. Intellectual Ventures (IV) is the company of former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myrvold’s.  Formed in 2000, it already has the fifth largest patent portfolio in the U.S. and the fifteenth largest in the world.

How Patent Reform Will Force Changes to R&D Management

Patent Reform Will Force Changes to R&D and New Product Development (NPD) Management The America Invents Act of 2011, commonly known as Patent Reform, is going to force a fundamental change to the way that US based CEOs make decisions about new products and innovation.  Planning for patent reform is an increasingly important topic for […]

New Patent Reform Workshops Offered for R&D Managers

Patent Reform Signature

Are you prepared for the effects of patent reform on your R&D or new product development organization? The changes contained in patent reform will put new competitive and financial pressures on R&D and new product development (NPD) operations. Maintaining your company’s defensible competitive postion and generating new intellectual property (IP) assets will likely require significant […]

Patent Reform Will Spell the End to Open Innovation


The America Invents Act, also referred to as patent reform, will spell the end to open innovation as currently practiced, starting in March of 2013 The reforms to patent laws, found in the America Invests Act, will spell the end to open innovation and crowd-sourcing.  Patent reform’s first to file provision will change how inventors […]

In 2013, The Patent Reform Act Will Force a Transformation of R&D Management and Strategy


In 2013 Patent Reform Act Will Force a Transformation of R&D Management and Strategy: The most significant change to US patent law since it’s inception will come into effect in March of 2013.  In order to gain patent protection for their inventions, almost every US based innovation, R&D and new product development organization will be […]