Are Every One of Your Ideas Owned by Your Employer?

In the New York Times, Orly Lobel provides a thoughtful consideration of the current trends in intellectual property protection.  He highlights how the America Invents Act further undermines the individual while giving corporations even greater power.  Further, he uses examples to illustrate how the courts are siding with employers to grab an even greater amount of […]

The Boston IP Forum by CPA Global

Join intellectual property thought leaders and CPA Global in Boston at the Westin Copley Place to learn how to gain a competitive advantage towards a leaner, more efficient IP strategy. Featured guest speakers will include: Peter Guffin, Esq. of Pierce Atwood LLP, and Nicholas Triano III, Esq. of Synta Pharmaceuticals Corporation. March 27, 2014 Boston, […]

Will China Overtake America as the Most Innovative Country Because of Patent Reform?

The New York Times Opinion page addresses the myth that China can’t out innovate the US because Democracy is central to innovation.  Using facts and data the article’s author, Eamonn Fingleton, illustrates how the US is under investing in R&D, how US patent makes it harder for small American inventors to protect their intellectual property from infringement and […]

Four Reforms Needed For The Ways Patent Reform Will Change How You Innovate


In order to gain patent protection for their inventions, almost every US based innovation, R&D and new product development organization will be forced to adapt to the Patent Reform Act’s dramatic changes.

Open Innovation and Patent Reform, Big Changes are Coming


Open Innovation is already under scrutiny due to the performance of P&G (Procter and Gamble) showing that open innovation may be a failed experiment.  Two articles (from and have investigated how P&G, at one time the innovation leader, has lost it’s lead against companies that use traditional innovation methodologies (such as internal R&D […]

Design Patents: New Law Boosts Rights in Shapes and Designs

From GigaOm come this article about another change to patent law, one providing greater protection to holders of design patents. One of Apple’s key weapons in its legal battle against competitors is a special type of patent that protects the visual appearance of a product. Critics have denounced these patents as a way to own […]

Will you be prepared for patent reform by March 16? This check-list can help your company protect its inventions and innovations

Patent reform takes full effect in March, 2013. To make sure your company is able to protect your inventions we’ve put together a check-list to have your get prepared. This patent reform preparation check-list will help you get prepared for the effects patent reform will have on your R&D, design, engineering and new product development.

The Fundamentals of Patent Reform for Innovators

On March 16, 2013 the most significant change to patent law will come into full effect.  The Lahey-Smith America Invents Act, signed into law in 2011, represents the most significant change to the U.S. patent system since 1952.  The act, commonly referred to as Patent Reform, includes two changes that will have a significant effect […]

St. Louis Fed Calls for an End to the Patent System

An interesting research report from the research arm of the St. Louis Fed explores the relationship between patents and economic growth.  It’s controversial recommendations include an end to the patent system.

For the first time spending by Apple and Google on patent lawsuits and patent purchases exceeded spending on research and development

An article from the New York Times explores some of the issues surrounding software patents.  Last year, for the first time, Apple and Google spent more on patent lawsuits and major patent purchases, than they did on R&D and new product development.