Pinterest Alternative, InnoPin, Looks to Capture the Market for Enterprise Pinning

Are your designers, by using Pinterest, exposing your company’s cinfidential design research to their friend and family and and anyone? There’s now a Pinterest alternative, InnoPin that provides enterprise level security for with the same link sharing type service. For $50 a month (InnoPin’s small-business plan) keep your confidential information only within your company with […]

After You’ve Been Hacked is Too Late to To Take a Hard Look at the Security of the Cloud-Based Apps Your Employees are Using

InnoEngines corporate blog provides a single simple question to help you understand how likely, or unlikely, the web-based applications your employees are to expose your company’s confidential information to hackers.

5 Reasons Why New Product and Packaging Development Needs Their Own Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management (KM) systems have been adopted by both large and small companies.  Enterprise KM systems include Microsoft’s SharePoint, SAP, Oracle, IBM’s ECM, Docuware, Alero Technology, and  These idea management software leaders provide companies with the advantages of centralized document storage, retrieval, management and backup. KM systems make information easier to find and access quickly, […]