The Best Software for Managing Design and Innovation Ideas

In the last few years a number of new applications have been introduced to help companies, brand managers and design studios manage their ideas. The first generation of these applications, such as Imaginatik, were expensive, required time-consuming training and integration, and were only available only for enterprise customers, running on their expensive and complex IT infrastructure.
Consulting companies, such as Arthur D. Little (ADL), Accenture, Bain Consulting and KPMG  support the growth of cloud computing and web based software as it has enabled a new generation of on demand software for managing design and innovation ideas.  Research conducted by RDinsights organizes coud-based innovation software into six categories:

Each of these software categories provides valuable tools for the strategic management of R&D, new product development and design departments.

  • Reduces costs, speeds time to market, increases predictability of innovation concepts
  • Helps companies discover new opportunities within their existing innovation inventory
  • Extracts greater value from the work of designers, engineers, marketers and consultants
  • Helps teams find the right idea at the right time and easily collaborate on their development
  • Povides both a descriptive and a visual inventory of innovations, making your ideas easier to find, evaluate and act on
  • is the leading knowledge management software for innovation, new product development and design

Project Portfolio Management Applications:

  • Helps you choose which projects are the most important for the company
  • Based on metrics such as ROI, cost market & constraints
  • Important tool used by highest performing innovation organizations
  • The most effective PPM apps don’t have a pre-set model, it is built specifically for your company
  • Enterprise systems (SAP & Sopheon)
  • R&D/Design focused (Newlogic)
  • Financial + risk: (Geniusinside)

Project Management

  • Alternatives to Microsoft Project
  • From free to $$$
  • Most of the PM applications available are generalists, targeting broad users and leveraging the cloud’s ability to enhance sharing
  • Some PM apps are integrated with other new product management tools (

Idea Capture

  • Pre-project electronic suggestion boxes and evaluation processes
  • Extract ideas from all levels of your organization
  • Manage the idea review process and decision making processes
  • Engage participants with results and evaluations
  • Build consensus to actions
  • Some apps integrate some open innovation type functions

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